Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Making Dry January Fun

The Dry January phenomenon seems to have sprung up quite suddenly, however, those in Europe have been participating for some time. Following WW2, the Finnish government launched a campaign called ‘Sober January’ as part of its war effort and this practice was carried on through the following years.

Here in the UK, many now pledge to keep away from drinks and ask people to sponsor them on their ‘Dry-athon’. Charities including Cancer Research and Alcohol Concern support those undertaking the challenge and gain lots of donations in the meantime. Many also choose to put down the glass in order to detox and enjoy a healthier lifestyle whilst also losing a few pounds.

Whatever your reasons, here at Hunters of Helmsley we want to make sure that you see the month out with tasty non-alcoholic treats that your taste buds will thank you for.
 Take a look at our wide range of soft drinks including Fentimans old fashioned lemonade, cherry cola and dandelion and burdock to name a few. Folkingtons sparkling Elderflower is sure to provide a refreshing lift whilst their range of juices are a real treat. San Pellegrino’s Limonata, Aranciata and Aranciata Rosa are guaranteed to ensure you don’t miss any of the stronger stuff.

On top of all that, Belvoir’s lovely bottles and La Mortuacienne’s selection of extra special lemonades will fill the void in a celebration.

If you need something warming and comforting, brew up a cup of tea and chose from our huge selection of beautiful brews. Options from Twining’s and Pukka include peppermint, green teas, fruit and classics such as English breakfast and Earl Grey. You’re sure to have a pep in your step after a steaming mug of coffee, we stock Taylors of Harrogate and Grumpy Mule amongst others, and have a selection of instant, ground and beans instore.

After that we hope you’re feeling ready to take on the last few days of Dry January, we’re all behind you! And if you’re a bit behind the times you can always go for a Dry February

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