Friday, 25 May 2018

Helping you free your food from Groundhog Day

We recently spotted a study which said that 90 per cent of Brits felt they were stuck in their very own version of Groundhog Day. (as an aside, got to love that film)

The study by Highland Springs seemed surprised that people left the house at the same time every day, took the same route to work and then got home and watched the same TV programme on an evening. It would seem odd to us if you were leaving home earlier than you needed to do a super long route to work, just to mix things up, but maybe that’s just us. And surely binge watching a series is what Netflix was invented for?

But the bits of the survey which caught our eye were the ones relating to (unsurprisingly) food.
Eight out of 10 people said they never varied from their weekly shopping list and only 16 per cent said they like to go crazy and try new things. A third of people said they ate the same breakfast every day, one in four ordered the same coffee and ate the same lunch and one in five said they cooked the same meals on rotation each week. One in 10 even admitted to always buying the same bottle of wine!

Now, we’re the first to admit that when you find a favourite thing it can be tempting to always keep going back to it. But it’s an instinct we’ve also learnt to resist! It’s part of our job to try new things and enjoy a variety of tastes. There’s so many amazing products out there and every ‘old favourite’ has to be a new thing tried at some point.

But it can take being pointed in the right direction. And that’s where we’re happy to help. Why not come and have a chat with us and we’ll help you figure out what might be the kind of thing you’d enjoy. We’re always getting exciting new products in which we love to shout about! And we’re always happy to help with advice on how to use or serve a product.

Whether you’re an adventurous chef, or someone who prefers to keep things nice and easy, we’ve loads of products in store to inspire you. Customers always say they can’t believe how much of a tardis the shop is – whatever you’re looking for, bet we can help.

So, hopefully see you soon – and we’ll help you break that Groundhog Day loop in the tastiest way possible!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Invigorator– spreading positivity for British Sandwich Week!

British Sandwich Week starts on 20th May, and here at Hunters we do love a good sandwich! In fact, we sell a crumbworthy 50,000 every year.
We know everyone has their favourite sarnie – and it’s very hard to break the pattern of ordering the same one, every day. (when they’re as good as, say, our deep filled roast beef, you can be forgiven…)
But this British Sandwich Week, we’re urging customers to try something new. We reckon you’ll be happy you did - literally speaking!
To mark the week, we’ve added The Invigorator sandwich to our menu – a mood and energy boosting sandwich! And who doesn’t need a little boost every once in a while?
The Invigorator has been carefully created, with ingredients specially chosen because of their beneficial properties in relation to well-being, mood and energy levels. It’s no secret that certain nutrients, such as Vitamins B and D, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium, which are found in abundance in lots of tasty fresh foods, can have a profound effect on brain function – so why not give your mind and body a treat?
The Sandwich includes:
* Ajvar – this Macedonian roasted red pepper spread is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, potassium, folate (Vitamin B9), and fibre. Red peppers offer almost 11 times more beta-carotene than the green ones.
* Houmous – houmous is a good source of protein and fibre, with chick peas providing high levels of iron, phosphorus and B vitamins.
* Rocket – this nutrient-packed green wonder contains large amounts of vitamins A, K and C, folate, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, as well as several beneficial phytochemicals.
* Pumpkin seeds – these little seeds pack a punch - they’re said to have more mood-boosting powers than any other food. Jam-packed full of nutrients, they are loaded with omega-3 and zinc which have been shown to improve moods; Magnesium, which helps reduce anxiety; and Tryptophan, the amino acid which helps the body make Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts mood and can help you unwind.
* Served on sliced granary bread - wholewheat grains boost folate levels, and provide slow release energy, avoiding that mid-afternoon energy dip.
It’s healthy, vegetarian/vegan, good for the heart, super colourful and tastes great – which is vital, as it’s not going to boost anyone’s mood if you don’t enjoy eating it!
It is the perfect midday pick-me-up, to get your afternoon off to a great start – no mid-afternoon slumps in sight…
The sandwich is available from 20th May, freshly made to order at a price of £3.60.
So, if everyone in Helmsley suddenly looks a little chirpier and full of beans – you know why!

Monday, 7 May 2018

Pop the champagne – we’ve made the shortlist for the Great British Food Awards!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated for the Great British Food Awards for the third year running - but we do need to ask all of our fantastic customers a quick favour to help make sure we bring the trophy home to Helmsley later this year!

Hunters is nominated in the Best Independent Retailer category (North) and we’re one of six finalists, alongside some very tough competition. The voting is now open to members of the public, until 24th August 2018, at the website Not only would you be helping us out more than we can say, but there’s an added bonus for you too! Anyone who votes has a chance of winning £7,000 worth of prizes, such as kitchen gadgets and foody holidays. Top of the range ovens, cookware, nights away, kettles, BBQ appliances, hampers, booze, cookbooks – it all sounds pretty good we have to say!

The awards launched in 2014 to recognise the best in British food and drink, including restaurants, producers, chefs, food writers and retailers. There are 20 categories in total, and you can vote in them all or just the one (hint hint, nudge nudge).

We were genuinely stunned to make the shortlist for the third year running. It really does mean so much when we’re recognised for the hard work the team puts in – we love what we do, but of course, we want our customers to enjoy it just as much!

So, if you can spare two minutes, please do take a peek at – and we’ll keep our fingers tightly crossed for the awards results later in the year!

Thursday, 26 April 2018

To brew or not to brew – how do you make yours?

Last week was National Tea Day, and as you know, we conducted our very own in-store tea tastings. We wanted to see if people could spot the Yorkshire Tea at first sip (surely any self respecting Yorkshire man or woman could??). We’re pleased to say the vast majority did, earning themselves a free box of tea and – perhaps more importantly – a Yorkshire sticker to proudly display!

We enjoyed it and had a good giggle with our customers in store, chatting about how we like our brews - which is why a survey caught our eye that came out on the same day.

Apparently, according to Clipper Teas, we will each suffer through 9,828 disappointing cups of tea in our lifetime. How upsetting! We each drink on average 28 cups a week (4 cups a day) but at least three each week will fail to hit the spot.

We all have our own way of enjoying a cuppa and it is often a case of personal preference, but there’s some cardinal rules which should never be broken.

Apparently at least half of us have had to complain to a partner, friend or work colleague about their brew making efforts – or lack of them (we’ve all known that one person who never makes a round…)
But some of us are just too nervous to tell our loved ones (or the ones we share an office with all week) that we feel that way, preferring to just turn down the offer, or gulp back the offending item.

So, what were the top 10 complaints of the 2,000 people surveyed?
1.            Too weak – 36%
2.            Luke-warm – 35%
3.            Too milky – 30%
4.            Teabag not in for long enough – 26%
5.            Mug not been washed properly – 25%
6.            Incorrect amount of milk – 21%
7.            Cup is half empty – 20%
8.            Made with poor quality tea – 19%
9.            The cup is half full – 18% (although think that’s the same as half empty – just from the optimists rather than the pessimists)
10.         Too strong – 18%

But with there being a further 10 reasons why your cuppa might not be good enough – including leaving the teabag in too long, the milk was put in first, tea stains down the cup, chipped mugs, wrong type of milk, not enough or too much sugar, or the wrong brand of tea – you can see why tea making is a minefield!

Maybe I’ll just have a coffee…

Friday, 20 April 2018

We’ve giving you the opportuni-tea to prove your Yorkshire-ness this National Tea Day!

Anyone who knows the team at Hunters knows we’re potty about a good cup of tea. (Geddit? Potty!) In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s part of the DNA of this country to want to put the kettle on in times of strife, or indeed joy. There’s never a bad time to put the kettle on, to be perfectly honest. Did you know, Brits are said to drink a teapot shattering 165 million cups of tea every single day? And, actually, with over 3,000 different varieties, tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world, after water? Proof, if you need it, that’s it’s totally tea-rrific. So, we were overjoyed to hear National Tea Day was approaching! (It’s this Saturday – 21st April – just in case you hadn’t marked it in your diary. Sure you had though.) We didn’t want to let it pass without a little attention, so we’ve come up with our very own challenge, and we’re putting our customers to the test. Just how Yorkshire are you? (DUM DUM DUMMMMMM – that was dramatic TV gameshow style music, in case you were wondering) Throughout the day we’ll be asking customers in our store if they can spot the difference between a true Yorkshire brew and some imposters, in the form of a blind taste test. Don’t worry, you don’t need to wear a blindfold or anything. Unless you really want to. Yorkshire Tea will be up against two other popular teas – and we’re challenging you to pick out the genuine Yorkshire cuppa by taste and smell alone. Can you iden-tea-fy it? Just you wait – BBC One will have this as a tea-time quiz show before you know it. Those who succeed – as well as being able to walk around Helmsley with their head held high obviously – will also receive a gift box of Yorkshire Tea to take home and enjoy. Brew-tiful! And there’s also a Yorkshire sticker to proudly display on their lapel – telling everyone they’re a CHAMPION when it comes to tea. Of course, we know that everyone has their own personal favourite when it comes to a good cuppa, and there are literally hundreds of delicious teas available to suit everyone’s preferences. Whatever your favourite is – from chai or green to peppermint or good old English Breakfast, we’ve got the best of the best from around the world. We even sell 13 varieties as loose leaf tea from jars, by weight – shopping as it used to be! Must be time to put the kettle on?

Friday, 23 March 2018

Hop to it! Can you find our missing Easter bunnies?

Helmsley detectives-in-the-making we need your help!

We’ve had an invasion…. somebunny’s stolen something!

You see, we had an Easter window display and in it were some Easter-related words. Well, 12 letters have disappeared – and we think we know who the culprits are.

We’ve spotted 12 Easter bunnies hiding around our store. They’ve taken a letter each and got it all jumbled up, so we can’t even remember what it’s supposed to say any more!

So, we’re asking visitors if they can give us a helping hand to find the rabbits and unscramble the word. If you manage to do it, you’ll get as Easter treat – as well as being entered into a prize draw to win a Lindt Easter goody bag. And believe us – that would be something eggstra special to unwrap!

The bunny hunt will take place from Monday 26th March to Monday 2nd April.

We’re grateful for any assistance you can provide, and there’s no pressure to contribute, but running alongside our bunny hunt, we’re doing a voluntary donation of 50p for charity. The charity we’ve chosen is the Helmsley Open Air Swimming Pool, which offers affordable outdoor swimming for the local community, and is so important to local families. It needs to raise funds for essential maintenance and renovations, so every penny helps.

As an aside for mums and dads - hopefully the missing bunnies will keep youngsters entertained for a little while, leaving you to shop in peace – hoppy Easter all round!

Monday, 12 March 2018

A most eggcellent Easter

Sorry – it’s that time of year when we get over eggcited and the Easter puns come out in force. We try and resist, but then we crack. We’re not even yolk-ing.

Easter, like Christmas, is a time of good food and the coming together of family and friends. Perfect. And for those people who gave something up for lent – it’s the chance to enjoy whatever it is they’ve been missing. The most popular thing to give up is chocolate apparently – so what luck that Easter Sunday is one of only two (possibly three) days a year when it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast.

Here at Hunters we love looking for unusual Easter Eggs and treats – if you’ve done 40 days without, you want your first taste to be something eggstra special. We’ve searched the globe for the very best sweet treats to make your Easter.

All the way from Australia, we have a stunning box of nine chocolates from Xocolatl – master chocolatiers and fine artists. With a combination of six different colourful speckled eggs, and three chocolate Easter chicks, they are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Montezuma’s are one of the best British chocolatiers and they have some really lovely products this year.  The Eco Egg range comes in innovative eco friendly packaging – after all, those Easter eggs boxes and plastic shells can really mount up. The Eco Egg packaging is made of a sturdy biodegradable paper outer shell and a foil wrapping - no plastic in sight! Try the organic white chocolate with raspberry variety for a taste sensation.

Also from Montezuma, there is the Absolute Black Egg. Ideal for those who avoid dairy, sugar, gluten or soya, or who are just trying to make healthier food choices. It definitely has a dramatic cocoa hit – you have been warned!

Looking for something a bit sweeter? The Nutty Filled Chocolate Hen’s Eggs are lovely - three Hen-sized chocolate eggs filled with richest, decadent Praline - milk chocolate with orange and hazelnut, dark chocolate with almond and white chocolate with peanut butter.

If you’re not bothered about it being egg shaped, how about Peters Pecare Cassis Marc de Champagne, from Germany? Coming in a lovely tin, the slender, creamy white chocolate shell combines wonderfully with the zesty cassis and champagne centre. It’s making my mouth water!

Made in Cornwall, the handmade Buttermilk Artisan Confectionary eggs are delicious. The Caramel Sea Salt Egg is a Belgian chocolate egg, decorated with indulgent butterscotch chips and filled with a bag of buttery Caramel Sea Salt fudge which melts in the mouth.

So whatever Easter treat takes your fancy – we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to rustle something up to keep you happy! After all, we wouldn’t want any hot cross bunnies.