Saturday, 1 October 2016

Peas don’t forget it’s Vegetarian Day!

Here at Hunters of Helmsley we’re looking forward to World Vegetarian Day, an occasion that takes place each year on the 1st of October. The day was established by the North American Vegetarian Society (the N.A.V.S) in 1977 and has since gone on to be celebrated in schools, restaurants and homes across the globe.

The N.A.V.S state their cause as hoping to ‘promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism’ whilst bringing awareness to the ‘ethical, environmental and humanitarian benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle’.

Hunters love to enjoy vegetarian fare from across the globe and we are proud to stock veggie delicacies to appeal to herbivores and meat-eaters alike!

Starting out with something deliciously hearty during the run up to the winter months, who could resist a cheese and leek puff pastry? Packed full of flavour, these homemade delights are freshly baked in Helmsley and sure to tantalise your taste buds!

Speaking of cheese… why not pick up a fabulous fromage to accompany your tasty vegetarian meal? Some parmesan could add pizzazz to pea risotto, whilst zingy stilton is sure to give your favourite broccoli soup a touch of opulence, and a classic quiche could only be made even more delicious with the addition of a quality cheddar cheese.

Perhaps you’re longing for a warming bowl of soup to savour whilst autumn creeps in? We carry a range of Yorkshire Provender broths, soups and bisques amongst others. A particular favourite here is the pea and spinach with fresh mint, a tasty flavour which is perfect for getting those greens in.

Those seeking something slightly unusual can take a look at Macsween’s Vegetarian Haggis, a real treat come Burns Night, or any other night of the year for that matter! And once you’re full to the brim with savoury sustenance it’s good to know that many chocolates are suitable for vegetarians. We carry a vast range of the sweet stuff including treats from Yorkshire Lauden, Whitakers and Ampleforth Plus.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The nation goes crazy for coconuts!

You may have noticed the coconut, a treat once saved for tropical shores, seems to be everywhere at the moment, with new products springing up and growing in popularity every day.

As celebrity chefs, including superstar Joe Wicks, sing the praises of the coconut in its various forms it seems the British people are also jumping on board with this particular superfood trend and we don’t blame them!

Recent figures have shown that Britons are currently spending more the £100 million a year on coconut products. Numbers break down to over £60 million being spent on coconut water, £16.4 million on coconut milk and £14 million on coconut oils. However, did you know that the term coconut can refer to the entire coconut palm, the seed, or the fruit, which botanically is a drupe, not a nut.

With so many potential uses for the coconut, artisans across the world are creating new products almost every day, many of which are focused on being health foods. Whilst research continues on the exact health benefits of coconut products one thing is for sure, they taste great! Here at Hunters of Helmsley we love the versatile coconut and have an array of offerings for you to discover and enjoy.

Those being inspired by the new series of The Great British Bake Off can rustle up innovative showstoppers with Biona’s Coconut Palm Sugar and Shepcote’s Raw Thick Cut Chipped Coconut or Desiccated Coconut. If you would like to create a gluten-free bake Biona’s Coconut Flour is an excellent option, the flour can also be used to create tasty pizza bases minus the wheat.

If you’re preparing Asian inspired cuisine nothing beats the great taste of coconut. Blue Dragons range of Creamed Coconut, Coconut Cream and Coconut Milks come in various sizes and are perfect for creating a tasty sauce, or cooling down a recipe with one too many chilies! That mid-week stir-fry can be freshened up with Taylor & Colledge Coconut Extract Paste, a definite fridge staple! Tiana’s Coconut Butter also offers an excellent alternative to traditional fats with some using it to top their morning toast.

An interesting substitute to usual cooking oils is Biona’s Coconut Oil, the perfect accompaniment to your frying pan or roasting tray. Coconut oil is also a beauty must-have with its deep moisturising properties allowing it to be a luxurious moisturiser and hair conditioner. Celebrities including well-being ‘guru’ Gwyneth Paltrow also swear by coconut oil in order to create that perfect Hollywood smile. It’s apparent whitening properties can be unleashed by use a technique called ‘pulling’…

As well as edible entities coconuts also produce the base for an array of interesting and delicious drinks. We carry both Rude Health and Koko coconut milks, both of which are free from dairy meaning they are the perfect solution for those with a lactose intolerance or allergy.

So, as the nation continues to go wild for coconut products why not give them a try yourself? Come see us in the shop and we’d be happy to recommend our favourites!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fire up the coals and call over the neighbours – it’s BBQ season!

As news channels fill up with reports of the second heatwave of the summer, forecasters are predicting some areas of the country could see temperatures soar to a whopping 35 degrees! With this in mind it’s an ideal opportunity to take some well-deserved time in the great outdoors and light up the BBQ.

It would appear us Brits love a good barbie - during 2015 it was reported that we indulged in over 130 million of them. That number accounts for the average family hosting 9 barbecues each summer! In fact, barbecues are now the UK’s number one home leisure activity with hordes of hungry households choosing to dine outdoors.

Here at Hunters of Helmsley we love a good BBQ and never miss an opportunity to make the most of the rare British sunshine. We don’t think anything can bring together families, friends and communities like some delicious food and perhaps a couple of ice cold drinks. All of the preparation can be thirsty work after all!

Following the collection of some show stopping meat pop in to check out our variety of BBQ extras, each one bound to sit perfectly alongside your al fresco feast. On offer you will find fresh breads, a range of sublime cheeses guaranteed to impress even the most discerning cheese lover and patés, relishes and pickles just waiting to top the perfect sandwich. For those looking to enjoy something slightly different, we highly recommend classic pork sausages served alongside Hunters own Red Onion Marmalade, trust us, this unusual combination is a winner! 

We all know that after a long day of hard work a well-deserved drink is sometimes on the cards. An ice cold beer and BBQ go hand in hand and needn’t be saved for the weekend. After-work or mid-week barbies now account for more than 48% of all BBQ occasions. Let’s face it, we know that when the sun is shining we should make the most of it while we can!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Eat like an Olympian

The 5th August marks the beginning of the 2016 Olympics, a historic tournament which dates back to 1896. To celebrate we are serving up a taste of Rio in the form of a classically Brazilian Bauru sandwich. It’s delicious!

As athletes travel to the host city, sports fans from across the globe are preparing for what is hailed as ‘the greatest show on earth’ – the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Revelers will congregate around the five Olympic rings, each of which represents a major region of the world – Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceana to celebrate both the athlete’s dedication and the rich tapestry of cultures.

Whilst the Olympians no doubt stick to carefully planned diets, we’re sure they all wish they were tucking into a classic Bauru sandwich. The dish, which is hugely  popular in Brazil, comes with an interesting story. Legend has it that a law student called Casemiro Pinto Neto, otherwise known by his nickname ‘Bauru’, entered his favourite restaurant during the 1930s and asked the kitchen to make him his favourite sandwich. His creation was so delicious that the chef added it to the menu and the Bauru sandwich was born!

This tasty lunchtime option consists of crusty bread, locally sourced beef which will be home cooked at Hunters, melted mozzarella, zingy pickles and juicy tomatoes. The South American treat will be available to buy in store for £4.50 throughout the games. BUT with only a few weeks of sporting action to enjoy you better get your running shoes on and come to visit us!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Celebrate Yorkshire Day with Hunters of Helmsley

As a Yorkshire business, and the happy recipients of a 2015 Yorkshire Life Food and Drink Award, we pride ourselves on celebrating everything that our beautiful region has to offer both on Yorkshire Day and throughout the rest of the year too.

This August 1st we welcome Yorkshire Day and all of the Yorkshire pride the occasion brings with it. The two of us (Chris and Christine) come from Yorkshire farming families and we are very proud of our upbringings and influences, all of which we use to help decide how we run the business and what we stock here.

Did you know that a traditional Yorkshire custom is to eat a Yorkshire Pudding as a separate course before a main meal? Whilst this practice was allegedly created by money conscious mothers hoping to fill their families up, it is now a favourite amongst many Yorkshire folk. Come the festive season you may see some of us tucking into the tasty treat ahead of Christmas dinners in place of a starter.
Another famous Yorkshire symbol is that of that white rose. The origins of the White Rose of Yorkshire go all the way back to Edmund of Langley and the fourteenth century, the first Duke of York and the ruling Plantangenets. It is now the symbol for various local universities including Leeds, York and Sheffield and proudly adorns the certificates of graduates bound for greatness.

Yorkshire has a proud heritage when it comes to food and drink. At least 70% of the products stocked in our store are sourced from within the county. Delicious local produce on offer includes the fabulously creamy Brymor ice cream which is available to purchase in both 500ml tubs and also in cones through our dedicated ice-cream window during summer months.

Our deli counter is packed full of tasty home-grown fayre including Yorkshire ham and beef and various locally made pastries and pies. Cheese lovers will be happy to know that we carry many native varieties including our old friend Wallace’s favourite; Wensleydale.

As well as edible entities we also stock a range of regionally created beverages. For the beer-drinker, we have over 40 locally brewed bottled beers - including 'Riggwelter', Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Sparkle and Scarborough Fair. We also carry a delicious cider made by the Monks at the nearby Ampleforth Abbey as well as a fabulous selection of wine from award winning Ryedale Vineyards, the perfect thirst quencher following a long day exploring the nearby moors.

Alongside our alcoholic drinks, a vast variety of teas from the world famous Taylors of Harrogate can be found in-store. As we know, us Yorkshire folk enjoy nothing more than a brew with a piece of freshly made Parkin to accompany! Finally, we stock more locally created preserves than Yorkshire has Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty - and that’s a lot! Our selection includes Yorkshire Marmalade, St Clements Curd and Tutti  Frutti amongst many others.

So this #YorkshireDay why not pop to Hunters of Helmsley and pick up a feast that not only supports ‘Gods Own County’ but also tastes fantastic! What’s not to love?

Friday, 22 July 2016

On Your Marks, Get Set, Bake!

Nation set to be inspired with new series of The Great British Bake Off

Dust off your wooden spoons and pull out the mixing bowl, The Great British Bake Off is back! Launching in early August the seventh series will take its rightful primetime spot on BBC1 and run for ten exciting weeks.

As usual, legendary judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will be on hand to critique the amateur bakers’ creations with Sue and Mel around to steer the ship and calm contestants’ nerves with plenty of fun and jokes. Having launched in 2010 the hit series has gone from strength to strength with 15 million viewers tuning in to watch Nadiya Hussain scoop the victory in the 2015 final. Nadiya has since gone on to make the Queen’s 90th birthday cake, proving the show really does have star power!

Here at Hunters of Helmsley we love to bake – and we also love to eat the goodies we produce! The cosy and traditional feeling that GBBO creates isn’t lost on us as a small local shop. We love the nostalgia and familiarity of a village fete bake off, something which Anna Beattie, the show’s producer says she based the programme on.

As the nation gathers to marvel at the ‘showstoppers’ and ‘classic bakes’ we are on hand to fulfil your shopping list and make sure you have all of the tip top ingredients you need to create your own masterpieces. During the last series of GBBO contestants used 133kg of unsalted butter - whilst you may not need as much as that, we have lovely locally sourced butter available in store. Next on the list, in the 2014 series a massive 1440 large eggs were carefully cracked, beaten and whipped into a frenzy. We carry fresh free-range local eggs  ensuring the very best in taste and quality.

Finally, contestants in 2015 used a whopping 306.5kg of sugar in their bakes. Sources tell us it would take an exhausting 1,779 hours to walk off that much of the sweet stuff. Lucky we have the Helmsley iFootpath walking app on hand for some inspiration! We carry various ranges of sugar, flour, grains, dried fruit and nuts amongst various other ingredients meaning we are the one stop shop for all your baking needs. Those with special dietary requirements should know that we also carry various gluten, dairy and sugar free options in store too.

Once your ‘bake’ is fresh from the oven a range of high quality preserves and marmalades are available to top off your creation. If you’re going for classic Victoria Sponge why not try a strawberry jam for the filling? You can choose from Hunters of Helmsley’s own ranges and renowned suppliers such as Cartwright and Butler. Other flavours available include plum, ginger, blackberry & elderflower and tutti frutti, for a bit of a twist on the classic.

If you’re seeking a summer holiday activity, baking could be just the job for an afternoon of fun. We carry a selection of baking decorations  Let’s just hope there isn’t too much of an argument over who gets to lick the spoon!

Finally, those wishing for some simple rest and relaxation can let us take away all of the stress and get you ready to tune in with a delicious ready-made cake or biscuit. Obviously us Brits can’t enjoy any of these tasty treats without a good old cup of tea. Choose from a wide selection of teas, coffees and infusions from renowned producers such as Taylors of Harrogate, Grumpy Mule, Twining’s and Pukka, all of which are stocked here at Hunters.

Tweet us your creations at @huntershelmsley, no soggy bottoms allowed!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Working Up an Appetite on Foot

Some of the more eagle-eyed of you might have spotted a new section on our website recently – Go Walking
Thanks to a collaboration between the fantastic Helmsley in Business group, of which we’re a proud founding member, and Ryedale District Council, we now have five wonderful walks to share with visitors (and locals – it’s amazing how many people who have lived here for years have never tried these!)

Helmsley is a fantastic place to base yourself for a walk, whether it’s for the day or the weekend. All five of the walks start and finish in the town, and we have a large long stay car park, so you don’t need to worry about where to leave the car. We’re the only market town in the North York Moors National Park, and as such we’re very lucky to enjoy some stunning local scenery. Meander along the River Rye, explore historic Rievaulx Abbey and set a pace around some unbeatable woodlands in Beck Dale. There’s even a short 1 mile Discovery Trail around the town itself, taking in many of our best attractions (yes – of course that includes passing our wonderful shop!)

The walks vary in difficulty and length (up to 8 miles), and clearly state any access issues so you can judge for yourself which might suit you best. We’re always happy to give hints and tips in the shop so feel free to pop in and ask us about them.

With the walks starting in Helmsley, why not pop in to Hunters and pick up a picnic, or some drinks and snacks to keep you energised on your walk? You’ll be grateful of a deep filled beef and horseradish sandwich or a handmade sausage roll when you’re half way round!  Or if, after your walk, you’re looking to rest your weary legs and watch the world go by, come see us for a locally made Brymor ice cream, and then you can sit on the Market Place monument and people watch to your heart’s content!

So why not download the walks from our very own website, and make a date to explore our spectacular surroundings? Happy walking!